5 Questions to Ask Your Florist when Booking Your Flowers from Out of State

5 Questions to Ask Your Florist when Booking Your Flowers from Out of State

If you think booking your florist from out of state is hard, it very well could be if your florist is not set up for that!  Don't worry it is completely possible to find your perfect florist just by asking some key questions to make sure you get the right florist for you. 

One of the most memorable weddings for us last year was booked from afar.  We never met in person, and communicated via phone email and pinterest! I know crazy if you can believe it.  It can be a simple process for you.

Our Process and Some Key Questions for you

Our Wedding Booking Process is simple, easy, and very explanatory! We use images, phone calls, video conference meetings, and give lots of examples for you to make sure we are on the same page.  

Question 1 //  Are you available for my wedding date?

- This is always question 1! Get down to business and make sure you are a good match for dates.  Many florists are small and only able to take on 1-2 weddings a weekend, so always check if they have your date available. 

Question 2 // Do I like your general style and work?

- This is an absolute must! It is so much easier to trust your florist when you LOVE the work they put out on a consistent basis.  If you aren't able to sleep at night because you are wondering what that bridal bouquet is going to look like... you can't put a price on that.  Go with your gut, and pick the florist who's work makes your heart sing every time you see it! 

Question 3 // Can we video conference?

- Talking face to face is a game changer. Getting to know your florist, and allowing them to get to know you is really important.  Personally I love getting to know the brides that come to Flower Friends, personality and passion go in to each and every design that leaves our workshop.  We want that personality to match the exact wedding those flowers are going to! 

Question 4 // What type of reviews do they have?

- Knowing they are tried and trusted by many other brides, and have shown up on time where they need to be can give you peace of mind.  Knowing that they have kept their word and made gorgeous things as promised is something that you should be looking for in those reviews.  Not everyone has 4-5 stars, and some of those people do KILLER work! Trust your instincts on this one ladies. 

Question 5 // Can we sign our contract online securely with you?

-Signing your contract online can be super helpful, especially if they accept payments online or have a way to have automated payments.  Do things that help lift the burden of tasks off of your shoulders.  Also, if you can view your contract online at any time then there is no need to print it out and travel with it which is super helpful to know it is at your finger tips any time you need it! 

For funsies, I have attached some images from a wedding we did that was done without ever meeting in person! 

Vancouver WA Wedding Florist McMenamins Edgefield White Flowers Traveling Elopement

Head Table McMenamins Edgefield Vancouver WA Florist Sweetheart Elopement

Wedding Flowers Vancouver WA Florist Flower Friends Centerpieces McMenamins Edgefield

Flower Friends Vancouver WA Florist Wedding Flowers McMenamins Edgefield
Gorgeous Images by : Worlds Apart Studios
Cynthia with Flower Friends